The client in this case was a technology consultancy who worked with major organisations across the world to facilitate and accelerate the adoption of virtualisation. They provide virtualisation and cloud computing services for organisations in sectors such as banking, financial services, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, retail and government.

Based in London with approximately 20 staff, the company had lost their sales person and didn’t have the internal expertise to cover this role. They had a need to maintain their pipeline and close existing business opportunities; therefore they had to look to source this sales position via a consultancy while they continued to look for a suitable permanent sales person.

As a very busy and growing company, the client didn’t have the time to focus on finding an expert salesman in the short term and had no bandwidth to bring a new employee on-board.

They engaged Sales Kinetics to take on this work giving them the time and perspective to find the right person for the permanent position.

Steve D’Souza had worked with the consultancy in the past and had a good knowledge of the virtualisation sector. With Sales Kinetics’ inherent knowledge of the business this was a good fit for the client.

During the nine month period that Sales Kinetics worked with this client the following work was undertaken :-

  • Sales Kinetics had to rapidly gain a good understanding of the clients’ targets and business objectives;

  • Consultants had to phone round all of the existing prospects and carry out an analysis of the opportunities;

  • A telephone campaign was started to generate new opportunities around the proposition which was enhanced over time;

  • They qualified existing prospects down to 1 or 2 major opportunities;

  • Sales Kinetics created inroads into a major wholesale bank which resulted in the client’s participation in a $40m programme;

  • Participated in the transition and handover to the new permanent Sales person.

Sales Kinetics was able to provide a bridge within the Client’s organisation ensuring that they didn’t lose their sales focus while still delivering their core business. They were able to maintain a growing pipeline and still work on sales opportunities. This further ensured that the new permanent Sales person did not have to pick up after 9 months of inactivity.